MerQuisition | Cyrene


MerQuisition brings together one easy-to-use login system where users can connect to their favorite applications through a single login. Protect your account by setting 2 or more passwords for the initial login and then access your favorite social networking sites, media, banking, shopping and much more. The interface allows for easy customizability and open source developments.

Instead of receiving thousands of alerts and emails to your phone, compile them into one place with MerQuisition. Best of all, we do not save your individual site passwords. You can feel at ease browsing on our interface without having to constantly sign into each site, enter a ton of details only to forget your password, and then have to redo the entire process again and again.

  • Open source
  • Compiled site alerts/emails
  • Shop in one place
  • Easy accessibility
  • Forum information
  • Customizable interface