Pomerango | Cyrene


Pomerango is a user-friendly, simple e-commerce site where users can search, buy, sell, or compare items between all retailers that have the item in their inventory. Up to 50% of our profits are donated to Action Against Hunger by default, and then more organizations of the user's choosing. Pomerango additionally encourages sellers to donate percentages of their profits to humanitarian causes. There are plans to integrate Pomerango's interface with TrendSynq's social network.

Pomerango has a smooth interface that users can browse, compare, network, buy, sell, and donate items all in one place. With integrated product reviews from reliable sites and our users' reviews, we are able to provide a reliable and easy online shopping experience.

  • Ongoing philanthropic support
  • Smart shopper browsing
  • Universal e-commerce hub
  • Unique shopping experiences
  • Community support
  • Clean interface