Clisqué | Cyrene


Clisqué is an exciting crowdfunding site where users can raise additional funds and post rewards through projects, causes, games, events, and much more. That is the "classic" part of our crowdfunding model. We know it is hard to entrepreneurs to get started and it hurts to lose 10% of fundraising to fees. For those who are really motivated, Clisqué introduces a "risqué" element, where users have the opportunity to waive percentage fees if they double their goal.

Clisqué primarily focuses on the introduction of new products and services. Users can link their social networking profiles to Clisqué to optimize fundraising and outreach. We also encourage our users to donate to philanthropic causes sponsored by Clisqué. Participants can either waive percentage fees or win new products.

  • Giving back to the community
  • Fewer fees and no hassle
  • New checkout processes
  • Entrepreneurial forums
  • Stellar funding support
  • Built with users in mind